1.What is the Shipping Cost?

A.We support free shipping globally.

2.When will i receive the product?

A.Shipping time vary by your location and countries. Normally you will receive ProWatch X within 7-21days.

3.How can I track my product's shipping status?

A.We will send you a tracking code once you had made an order. 

4.I found ProWatchX doesn't fit my need.Can i return it?

A.We are sorry if ProWatchX doesn't fit in your need.We support a 14 days money back guarantee. 

5.The watch is damaged when i received it. What can i do?

A.Kindly send us back the parcel and we will send you back a brand new ProWatchX for free.

6.Is the memory card necessary?

A.You can still enjoy most of ProWatchX's functionality without memory card but we recommend you buy with at least a 8GB version to enjoy the full functionality of ProWatchX.